I don’t like ranting in general, but something came to my attention that I think needs to be addressed. My old high school had spirit week this week, and today was “Gender Bender” day. Meaning, you were encouraged to dress up in clothing typically worn by a sex or gender that is different from your own. 

So what happened? A whole bunch of bullshit.

They have a twitter page https://twitter.com/genderbenderday
where the description was “Also known as cross dress, gender swap, gender switch, opposite sex, and opposite gender day”.

So this meant to students that the boys wore dresses and the girls wore hats and painted beards or mustaches on their face. 

(ummm…what’s with that emoji??)

While some students happily reinforced gender stereotypes, a few spoke out about how offensive something like this is to the trans* community. Their response? Something even more ignorant:

"Gender bender/Opposite Day- whatever it is- we support our lgbt friends and classmates. Over the years the students who classify themselves as transgendered love a day like this. We at sachem north are proud of our classmates who have found themselves and found the courage and confidence and support to be who they are and live the way they chose to. We as a school cannot understand what it is like but as a spirit day that is always the day that sees the most participation. Just like "nerd day" does not tease anyone in the special education department and ‘merica day doesn’t tease the brave men and women who serve in military - we as a school have a history of supporting students who may have felt left out. We appreciate the concern and if anyone has any issue or concern or would like to have a discussion please see your student government officers or advisors and we will honor your wishes to talk. I am proud of our students- all our students."

  • Gender Bender/Opposite Day" - NO. There are no opposing genders because there are more than two genders. Male and female are not mutually exclusive. 
  • Just like “nerd day” does not tease anyone in the special education department" - Congratulations. Nobody made that connection, but YOU did by writing that. I’m glad that whoever wrote this associates the two.

Also, I heard that the word “tranny” was used a lot today…

My friend wore stats of suicide, homelessness, and other issues that trans* individuals face on his backpack. People tried ripping them off and told him that he doesn’t have school spirit. His friend posted the same stats around the hallways and she was called down to the principle and threatened with in school suspension.

So much for “spreading awareness”.

Although we strap time to our wrists, stuff it into our pockets, hang it on our walls, a perpetually moving picture for every room of the house, it can still run away, elude and evade, and show itself again only when there are minutes remaining and there is nothing left to do except wait till there are none.
Monique Truong, The Book of Salt (via pigmenting)